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Aliexpress is a wonderful place to find.. well basically anything but I've never really used it to find homeware before. I had a good search and found some amazing pieces that would look wonderful in a scandi, nordic decor style. I even found some items that would work really well for DIY home accessories. The prices below includes postage to the UK (however it's cheaper if you purchase via the free app) just click the prices to be taken to the website.

1 - This is advertised as a wooden baby teether.. but I can just imaging this hanging on a simple nail on a wall and it would be incredibly cute! Even in a nursery room that could later be taken down and used as a teether when your child grows up? Personally I'd really like this in my hallway as part of an art wall - £6.00

2 - How absolutely stunning is this rainbow. They have several colour schemes including metallic thread and I want every single one. I am absolutely purchasing one of these bad boys for my hallway or living room. These are advertised as nursery decor but honestly this would look amazing in any room - £8.00

3 & 4 - Even more 'wooden teethers' these are more neutral with a pop of colour on one line. I think anyone could find a place in their home for one of these, baby or not! - £3.92

5 & 6 - Again these are wooden teethers but they're absolutely dreamy and I think a few different colour schemes together on a wall would make a wonderful statement piece £5.00

7 - Finally moving on from rainbows, this pack of 2 leafs (again.. advertised as baby teethers!) would look lovely painted (or left natural) to match your colour scheme, I have bought a set, one I plan to spry paint rose gold and the other I will either paint white or keep wooden. £3.00

8 & 9  - I have made myself a couple of macrame plant pot holders as it's not too hard to do but having found these on aliexpress for such a low price I thought I would share. If you don't want to or don't have the time to make your own there are so many options here! I love some of the double plant pot holders and definitely want to try that myself! - £3-£7

10 - There are literally thousands of prints available on aliexpress (beware some are copies of real artist work on there) and I've found that alot of them are printed on a canvas material which acutally makes them look really expensive! - £3.00

11 - Hear me out on this one (not really scandi but just an idea I had.) Paint the front wood with a white wash and add a script on there such as 'welcome home' or 'home sweet home' on the front. Place a bit of oasis foam into the small pocket in the back and press in some faux peonies! I think it would look so cute and perfect for a farmhouse style hallway! - £3.98

12 - A little cacti or plant pot perfect for scatter shelves and adding greenery to a room - £2-4

13 - These gorgeous plant pot and stands come in a few colours (I even found a marble print) and would look stunning on a shelf or on the floor - £7-9

14 - Lastly this geometric vase that comes in a few different colours and is incredibly cheap - £1.80

Which is your favourite item? Would you buy any of them?

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