scandi aliexpress home decor

Aliexpress is a wonderful place to find.. well basically anything but I've never really used it to find homeware before. I had a good search and found some amazing pieces that would look wonderful in a scandi, nordic decor style. I even found some items that would work really well for DIY home accessories. The prices below includes postage to the UK (however it's cheaper if you purchase via the free app) just click the prices to be taken to the website.

1 - This is advertised as a wooden baby teether.. but I can just imaging this hanging on a simple nail on a wall and it would be incredibly cute! Even in a nursery room that could later be taken down and used as a teether when your child grows up? Personally I'd really like this in my hallway as part of an art wall - £6.00

2 - How absolutely stunning is this rainbow. They have several colour schemes including metallic thread and I want every single one. I am absolutely purchasing one of these bad boys for my hallway or living room. These are advertised as nursery decor but honestly this would look amazing in any room - £8.00


b&m homeware wishlist

Today has been a wonderful day because the landlord for our property has granted us to allow a dog in the property so my 5 (6 this December) year old Puggle Puka will be able to join us. That's the last piece of the puzzle we needed to go ahead and feel secure in planning and designing our rooms! I am a huge lover of B&M, Home Bargains and The Range so I always check out their websites to see if there's anything new. Here is a little living room wishlist all from B&M and all bargains. 

ONE £6.99 TWO £8.00 THREE £9.99 FOUR £1.99 FIVE £2.99 SIX £3.00 SEVEN £3.99 EIGHT £5.99 NINE £2.99